SIMPLE IDEA, BIG EFFECT  Round design  It weighs less than 4 kg  Delivered per default with color-matched nylon carry bag  Diameter of grill grid is 32 cm  Suitable for up to 5 persons  Grill grid and inner bowl are made of stainless steel and can be cleaned in a dish-washer  Fan powered by 4 batteries  Capacity of charcoal container max. 250 g...
The LotusGrill G280 was specially developed for users, which don’t want to miss the delicious charcoal flavour during recreational activities and travel. The smallest model of LotusGrill family ist especially compact and perfectly practical for campers, on the trail or on the boat. Everywhere where space and weight is an issue.
SAME IDEA, BIGGER EFFECT The Big Brother  Function to the same principle  Height identical  Diameter significantly larger  Grill grid surface 60% larger than of the small barbeque  Suitable for up to 10 persons  Capacity of charcoal container approx. 400 g  Combustion time plus 50%
LOTUSGRILL XXL The quick and safe way to barbecue - now available also as XXL Version The LotusGrill XXL has two built-in, battery-operated fans, which supply the charcoal with air. As such, the charcoal is permanently well-aerated in the two individual charcoal containers, which means the BBQ can be lit without virtually any smoke. The BBQ is ready to...

LotusGrill Fondue Insert

The LotusGrill Fondue Insert for convivial and atmospheric cooking of meat and vegetables. You roast the meat on the grill plate and prepare at the same time in the fondue bowl vegetables, mushroom, fish and other delicacies fast and healthy. The exiting gravy flows over the curved grill plate into the broth, spices it up additionally and gives your broth...
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